Songs from the Land

Songs from the Land – an adaption for the Silk Mill of Seachange at Brean Down with some colour and reflections of a different light

Silk Mill Artists – Amanda Bee has work underway based on beach clean up paraphernalia… ABee2


Where did you come from?  How long did you stay?

What did you do here?

What did you take away?

The sounds of the sea?  The sand between your toes?

What did you leave here?

You left your sole……..


Some of the shoes and bottles found during the National Trust Brean Beach Clean up March 2015


Have I quenched your thirst? 

Was the sea not enough?

Did your spirits get lifted from being here?

Who will pick me up?

P1030926 P1030914

so many cotton bud sticks………

Can you hear me? I think your ears are clean enough now

I have no use for these.  They offer me no nourishment or shelter

They have no place here


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