Donna Vale


Donna’s work is displayed through a collection of ideas, stories and history, created in a variety of methods. Deterioration and weathering is key to the display, incorporating wartime letters, photographs and the sound of conflict. Textile pieces are interwoven with narratives belonging to local voices. Screen-printed images and Zoetrope animation will interactively illuminate artwork into the dark spaces. These will reveal hidden century old graffiti and soldiers sentiment.

The Threads Of Belonging will represent Donna’s work as an artist in her recognised style through place and identity.   Personal stories and events have been researched to create a visually appealing exhibition in a unique environment. The sounds and visual displays will ignite senses and trigger emotions. Through recollection and memory the viewer is taken on a story-telling journey.

A fleeting glance, a missed opportunity and time captured allows recognition of feelings through the work. The moment is taken away and remembered another time.

After graduating with a First Class degree in Art and Textiles in 2012, Donna formed the company For Every Cloud – a creative venue based in Langport on the Somerset Levels.Recent works include:

Flight – 2016

The Threads of Belonging – 2015

Murmuration – A collaborative exhibition March – 2015

Recollection II – A two-week exhibition during Somerset Arts Week September – 2014

Recollection – A site-specific exhibition located in Tyneham, Dorset – 2012

Inspired Exhibition, American Museum, Bath – 2010      email:


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