Joy Merron

As an experienced designer/artist/ educator, Joy’s work has been described as calm, serene and ethereal. She translates two dimensional surface patterns into three dimensional forms and vice versa, hand and laser cutting different materials and altering scales. Joy uses geometry and rhythms of nature and the urban landscape to inspire themes.

For Sense of Place, she will explore the relationship between the inhabitants of Brean Down, the fort and the landscape, encompassing the dynamics of life, living and leaving a permanent trace. The marks and impressions that have been made on the geography of the landscape and sea are visible.

What legacy has been left, what will we be leaving for future generations and how will it impact on their lives?  By collecting detritus from our homes and coast and amplifying them through repetition signalling a visual awareness, she aims to illustrate the impact we have had, are having and will have.

A moment for self reflection and how we see ourselves in this environment.

highlights from this year’s exhibition – Art on the Edge at the fort

IMG_0416  IMG_2293  seachange

Member of Design-Nation, Seam Collective and Crafts Council Directory

Recent exhibitions and commissions:

2015 ‘Light’ at Southbank Centre ‘Best of Design-Nation Showcase’ at the Festival Terrace
2015 ‘Sense of Place’ a collaborative event at Brean Down Fort, part of Somerset Art Weeks
2015 shiftWorks, a series of Shift dress exhibitions with Seam Collective, part of Somerset Art Weeks
2015 Priddy Folk Festival,  illuminated installations in Eastwater and Swildons marquees
2015 ‘Chalet Chic’, Decorative Arts Fair, Entrance foyer display, Evolution Centre, Battersea Park, London
2014 ‘Sylvan Drift’ art installation in the waiting room at the Bristol Breast Care Centre
2014 ‘Bridging Levels’ Black Swan Gallery, Frome, SAW Somerset Levels and Moors bursary
2014 ‘Shadow and Line’ SIT Select, Museum in the Park, Stroud
2014 ‘Crime Waves’ for Creative Sparks, collaborative light and sound installation at     Newton Park, Bath Spa University
2013 Defining Light and Shadow, Cube Gallery, Seian University, Kyoto, Japan
Somerset Art Works, The Levels and Moors,
The Coats Foundation
The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation
The Ganes Trust

pop up pic  polym3n

Joy Merron     P1000937


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