The day Lydia went hunting for the best place to site her installation…

I had a fabulous day visiting Brean Down in late June, I just can’t wait to be making work for the Sense of Place project.

This last trip to Brean was to make final decisions on the position of my 2nd installation. The plan was to see if there was any way across to the furthest look out, the building where a spotlight was positioned during the Second World War, the furthest building on the Down. But the answer was clear. NO! Especially seeing as there’s no longer a bridge and there is quite a hefty current of Bristol Chanel water sloshing between it and the rest of the land mass.
So, we survey the whole site, tape measure and sketchbook in hand but with husband insisting he’d use his feet as measurement.
There are so many places that I’d like to place it, places really open to the elements, where there’d be maximum wind impact on the work but, because of risk assessment and ensuring the safety of ourselves and our audience, they had to be counted out.

Finally, we think we’ve found THE place. The lower lookout. So, much photographing, checking that the structure could take our weight (it doesn’t need to but thought we’d test it) I’m now ready to start sketching and experimenting.
I do hope some of you manage to see it .


Lydia Needle

About Joy Merron

My work has been described as calm, serene, contemplative and ethereal. I translate 2 dimensional surface patterns into 3 dimensional forms and vice versa, hand and laser cutting different materials and altering scales. I use the geometry and rhythms in nature and the urban landscape to inspire themes. Where appropriate, I introduce colour through projection and the light spectrum. I very much enjoy the method and much of my work is ‘process led’.
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