Seachange offers a moment of self reflection that is all too fleeting: a reflection on the environment and our impact on it and how this in turn, impacts on us.

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Trapped in the netting is a message to us all to protect our coastlines and seas from natural and human intervention and to limit further degradation from our own consumption.

P1050345 P1050351

Seachange is a response to communication, linking past and present technologies and traditional industries that have taken place at Brean and the surrounding area.

Heliographs used sun and mirrors to send messages and the mirrored surfaces catching glimpses of sunlight through the fort shutters glint and twist random flashes to the onlooker.

About Joy Merron

My work has been described as calm, serene, contemplative and ethereal. I translate 2 dimensional surface patterns into 3 dimensional forms and vice versa, hand and laser cutting different materials and altering scales. I use the geometry and rhythms in nature and the urban landscape to inspire themes. Where appropriate, I introduce colour through projection and the light spectrum. I very much enjoy the method and much of my work is ‘process led’.
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